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Maybe you enjoy having your TV on display, font-and-center in the living room, but you’d like something more discrete for the bedroom. Or you like the option of hiding your screens when it’s time to unwind. It could even be that you want a moveable screen for more comfortable viewing, no matter where you are. Whatever your motivation, creative TV installations are one of our specialties. From in-ceiling mounts to decorative sliding panels, we’re here to inspire your home’s tech and entertainment design.


In-ceiling TV installations


Have limited wall or floor space? Things are looking up. Often, ceiling space is an underutilized location for a concealed screen. With a TV ceiling hinge, you can keep your screen tucked away until you need it. Want to make it even more dynamic? With a TV ceiling hinge and swivel set-up, your screen hinges down and rotates up to 180 degrees, both left and right.  


Articulated mounts


Articulating mounts are arms or extensions that allow your TV to pan, swivel, and tilt. They’re often called “full motion” because of their versatility. They are a perfect solution for hard-to-fit corners and rooms with multiple seating options. There are also single hand, easy to move, and motorized articulating arms. These are especially useful for large TVs or for folks who might have a hard time pulling out and turning a TV. Articulating mounts can be in-wall or on-wall, depending on your TV’s dimensions and your desired range of motion. Not only does an articulate mount contribute to a cleaner design, but it also has practical benefits. Tilt the screen to reduce glare during daytime viewing or swivel your kitchen set to watch while you cook. 


Motorized mounts


Whether you’re installing a TV in the ceiling, under the floor, or on the wall, a motorized mount will up your ease of use factor. And with advancements in technology, many motorized lifts can be controlled from the convenience of a phone app. And, once you find your optimized viewing angle, you can fix your presets, so your TV always snaps into the right position. 


In-floor TV installations


In-floor lifts are another practical option for folks looking to get the most out of limited floor space. A walk over flap mechanism creates a seamless transition from concealed to revealed. They’re also a great way to maintain your window views while not watching TV. Just stow it away whenever it’s not in use and you’ll have unobstructed views! 


Sliding panel solutions


Looking for an easy way to elevate the aesthetics of your on-wall mount? Sliding panels are a simple fix. And the design options are endless. From rustic barn door panels to trendy art deco custom panels, the team at Stereo Planet can work within your preferences during the selection and design process. We’re also able to motorize your favorite piece of art or photography. Let us know if you’d like a custom sliding panel solution to bring your favorite pieces to new life. 




Whether you need to make the most of limited floor space, want the convenience of an adjustable screen, or admire the wow factor of in-floor TV installations, there are plenty of options. And the Stereo Planet design and installation team specializes in everything from motorized lifts and mounts to creative coverings. Are you feeling inspired? Contact us to learn more about how creative TV installations can elevate your entertainment. 

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