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Whether you’re obsessed with a nail-biting True Crime series or modern Western dramas like Yellowstone, a new sound bar can capture every high-stakes moment. Have you considered upgrading? Here are some of our top-rated sound bars loved for their crisp, action-packed audio, just in time for the holidays (hint, hint). 

Sonos Arc: For Clean Aesthetic + Performance

Is there anything more beautiful than crisp-as-a-razor’s-edge sound for your home theater or movie room? This wireless-enabled beauty boasts magnetic sensors which detect and adjust the equalization of the sound resonance in the room. Now that’s a smart speaker! So never miss another main character monologue with the crisp clarity, detail, and depth of sound the Sonos Arc offers. And with the Arc’s slender, minimalist design, it’s easy to mount anywhere in your home or to set on furniture. 

Bluesound’s Pulse Soundbar+: For Smart App Integration in a Top-Rated Sound Bar

Bluesound is yet another brand with an esteemed reputation for sound. The Pulse Soundbar+ provides an immersive experience that any true audio fanatic will appreciate. This speaker comes equipped with Apple Airplay, Amazon Alexa, and Siri for the movie buffs or music-streaming regulars in your life. Stream podcasts and music with a simple voice command. It’s a great speaker setup for the picky tech lover on your list. 

Sonance Soundbar: For Unique Engineering and Adjustable Width 

The Soundbar by Sonance has one especially sweet feature we love to share: an adjustable width design that flexes between any 50-inch to 80-inch flat-screen TV display. Talk about exciting; this minimalistic dream complements modern TV designs with sound quality that will blow you away. Not only this, but with 35 years in the business, Sonance has an engineering trick or two up its sleeve. The Sonance Soundbar is designed to sit snugly against the bottom of your TV, giving it a seamless, minimalistic appearance. No more tech clutter and visible cords. 

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar: For An Artful Sound Statement

 Bowers & Wilkins is an award-winning sound company with a serious reputation for class, and they don’t take it lightly. Many of their speakers resemble something more like modern art, and the Formation bar is no exception. Sleek, elegant, and timeless, the Formation Bar could take centerstage in your entertainment room. And it’s not just a pretty face. Feel like you’re in the front row at the movies with the bar’s 240 watts of power to deliver any Blockbuster soundtrack with perfect performance. It’s a statement piece for your home and is, of course, wireless-enabled. 

Sonos Ray: For A Great Starter Speaker and Top-Rated Sound Bar

The Sonos Ray will do the trick if you’re in a pinch and need to get your hands on a top-rated sound bar fast. Known as the starter sound bar for your tech experience, this little speaker goes a long way in boosting your audio standards. Small and discreet, its design is meant to be tucked into your living room setup without a fuss. This speaker’s tried and true design stands up to the competition. It even has a night sound setting (via the Sonos app) to dampen intense sound effects while others sleep in your home. With an app-enabled setup, the process from unboxing to movie watching is a total breeze with the Sonos Ray. 

Blow Away The Audiophile In Your Life With A Custom Sound Solution By Stereo Planet

If you’re creating an entire system for someone in your life who loves a great sound bar, why not bring in the experts? Stereo Planet’s long-standing reputation for audio system installation and top-tier tech ensures the person on your list gets the very best. Our specialty in custom designs will deliver an audio and video solution that works for your home, aesthetic, and lifestyle. So if your needs go beyond a simple sound bar, contact us for an estimate on upgrading your home’s audio system. 

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