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The lights go down and the big screen in front of you lights up. You’re surrounded by the sound of a lion’s roar as the film studio flashes across the screen. But instead of your local theater, you’re in the comfort of your home with your dog at your feet and a glass of wine in your hand. At-home theaters are the new normal and, at Stereo Planet, we think the audio should be able to keep up with the visuals to give you an immersive film experience. That’s why we’ve compiled three audio installation tips to make the most out of your home theater system. 


Why killer sound matters in your home theater  

With movie theaters throughout the nation closing down––like our very own Regal Cinemas––a home theater system makes more sense than ever. But part of what makes the in-theater film experience special is sound that makes you feel like a part of the action. In a sense, the better the audio experience of the movie, the more you can tune out the noise and stress of everyday life. 

Unfortunately, many home theaters focus too much on the visuals and not enough on the audio. We might be biased, but we think superb audio is a requirement for the overall success of a home theater. With proper audio installation and attention to detail, your surround sound movie experience will feel just like the real deal. 


Our audio installation tips

Our team of professionals has been installing home theaters for decades, which is why we can narrow down the perfect home experience to these three tips. 


Tip 1: Invest in surround sound 

Theater audio is not just in your face, it hits you from every angle. That’s thanks to surround sound. At Stereo Planet, we specialize in 5.1 surround sound systems––like the Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 and beyond––that create beautiful sound distinction so you can feel part of the action in every scene. 


Tip 2: Stay smart 

Smart homes are becoming the norm. So why not have that carry over to your home theater system? We’re experts in multi-room and whole-house audio systems so you can have total connectivity throughout your house or experience a movie with Bluetooth or wireless technology. 


Tip 3: Turn up and sound out  

Part of what makes a great movie experience is feeling fully immersed. With in-floor or in-ceiling subwoofers, you can achieve the incredible sound quality of a theater. Sweeten the deal with custom sound panels that reduce the acoustic impact of drywall, tile, concrete, glass, and metal surfaces. 


Design a custom home theater system with us

If you’re ready to upgrade from your standard home entertainment to a fully immersive home theater system, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to make it happen. Get in touch today for a custom design. Happy moviegoing (or should we say movie-staying?)! 

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