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Custom Audio Systems

Powering Custom Audio Solutions

Whether you’re looking for surround sound, multi-room, or outdoor capabilities, the team at Stereo Planet does it all.

Like the name implies, we got our start in stereos, audio systems, and audio components. Our service has evolved beyond sound solutions to include a wide range of audio solutions. Plus, we specialize in custom designs.
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Classic Two-Channel

We’ve loved watching the evolution of sound systems. But our favorite is and always has been two-channel. It’s where we got our start and built our expertise, and we’re proud to be one of the region’s only two-channel distributors.

Smart Audio Solutions

Connectivity is key. And at Stereo Planet, we’re experts in multi-room and whole-house audio systems. Now you can control your listening experience from the comfort of any device or touchpad with bluetooth and wireless technology.

Big Sound, Small Package

Get live show performance from pocket-sized speakers with the latest in sound innovations. Whether you prefer the powerful sound of tower speakers or want the discretion of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, we’ve got you covered with custom audio systems.

Turn Up the Volume

When you turn up the decibels, you’ll get the live music experience without ever leaving your house. Plus, with in-floor, in-ceiling, and other creatively installed subwoofers, we can boost the bass so you can feel the sound. 

Home Theater

The right sound system can make or break your home theater or media room experience. Luckily, we’re surround sound experts. When you work with Stereo Planet, you’ll get a cinema experience from the comfort of your home.

Sound Fixing Panels

If your space is a little too “live” then you know the frustration of reverb and echoing. With Vicoustic sound panels, we can reduce the acoustic impact of drywall, tile, concrete, glass, and metal surfaces. Plus, we can work with custom designs, so your new sound fix is a work of art.

audio solutions, sound fixing panels

Our Custom Audio Capabilities

In-floor, in-ceiling, and in-wall speakers
Custom sound panel design and installation
Subwoofer installation
Multichannel installations
Two-channel stereo systems
Surround sound
Multi-room audio
Bluetooth and wireless
On-site acoustic assessment
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