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We live in the information age, so it’s no surprise that technology has permeated our day-to-day lives. With US smart home penetration set to hit 57% by 2025, it’s safe to assume this technology will continue to affect how we interact with our homes. 

One increasingly popular reason we see smart home technology utilized is to upgrade and customize home lighting systems. Automated lighting trends include strategic utilization for at-home work, energy efficiency, and increasing benefits from hyper-connectivity. 

Smart Home Lighting and the Post-Pandemic World

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve all spent a lot more time at home. As a result, we’re noticing how our environment (including lighting) affects our moods and productivity.  

To put some mental separation between work and home life, people are turning to automated lighting to help create environmental shifts. Options to change color hues and temperatures with smart lights give at-home workers a high level of control. 

You can help spark attention and focus with brighter lights during work hours and then switch gears by incorporating calming colors and lowering blue-light in the evenings to unwind and prime your body for sleep.  

Energy-Efficient Home Lighting is a Must

With broader global trends encouraging consumers to shop sustainably, and governmental regulations around energy conservation changing, there’s even more demand for homeowners to upgrade to more efficient lighting options. 

Automated lighting options are just one way consumers have been saving energy. With smart technology, lights are controlled remotely or with sensors, so you don’t waste energy lighting empty rooms. Smart bulbs are also typically LEDs which means they are incredibly efficient as well. 

These upgrades help consumers save energy and also cut down on the cost of monthly power bills. 

Hyper-Connectivity is Creating Intuitive Lighting Experiences

Home automation technology and virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home are now compatible with most automated lighting solutions. This means wifi-enabled smart lights can be integrated across a smart home system for ease of use and operation. 

By connecting lighting to your smart home systems, you can utilize the systems sensors and automation capabilities to create immersive lighting experiences in the home. 

Simply walk into a room, and the lights are immediately turned on to your preference. Then, as day turns into night, those systems can adjust to suit the lighting needs as the sun sets. With automated systems, you don’t even have to think about adjusting your lighting anymore. 

Level-Up Your Smart Home with Automated Lighting from Stereo Planet

The benefits and perks that come from automated lighting have changed how many people live and work inside their homes. With hyper-connective, energy-efficient lighting, people can connect with each other and the things they love on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

You can learn more about automated lighting solutions and how to get smart home technology installed in your house by connecting with the team at Stereo Planet


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