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Summer is the perfect time for gathering by the pool, in the yard, or on the deck to enjoy warm weather, cold drinks, and long days. If you love playing bocce ball or sipping lemonade by the pool, these outdoor speaker installation ideas will elevate your summer. 

Landscape Speakers Take the Party to a Whole New Level

Music is key to creating exceptional ambience at an outdoor party. Discretely integrate landscape speakers into your outdoor entertainment system. And you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics, either! Wall mounted, rock speakers, or in-ground will blend well with your flowers and bushes. Sonance outdoor speakers are durable and fit to scale for patios, gardens, and yards. Customize the types of speakers you’ll want to match your outdoor entertainment design and budget.

Below Ground Speakers Are Ideal for Outdoor Speaker Installation 

Elevate the bass in your outdoor entertainment system by installing below ground subwoofers. This dynamic addition results in a wider sound area for a more expansive sound. Pair the subwoofer and below ground speakers with the above ground landscape speakers to feel the beat throughout the yard and patio. Our expert eye for design and outdoor speaker installations work with, rather than against, your unique space.

Wall-Mounted Speakers Are Visually Sleek

Above all, we know how important the look and feel of your backyard is as you host your gatherings. Our bluetooth and wifi installation experts and two-channel stereo systems installers are on standby to help you achieve the speaker system of your dreams.

Surround Sound for an Immersive Dance Party

There’s nothing like dancing the night away to a supreme summer playlist. To elevate the party and captivate your guests, think about installing a surround sound system in the backyard. Guests can move around the yard and still have access to what feels like a live music experience. The appropriate speakers maximize the sound quality without environmental factors dampening the sound. Let your guests revel in the unique sound of your outdoor speaker installation. 

Stereo Planet Brings Outdoor Speaker Installation to Your Outdoor Parties

Stereo Planet’s experienced sound technicians can bring your vision to life! Make your outdoor parties more memorable this summer with expert outdoor speaker installation. Not sure what you’re looking for? We’re happy to provide on-site consultations and estimates, free of charge. Contact us to discuss your outdoor entertainment system needs. We’d love to work together. 

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