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    Client Testimonials

    We strive to ensure that all clients are treated as we would treat our best friends. Below is a selection of letters from some of our many clients who wished to express their gratitude for our service. We're sure your experience will be the same.


    Dear Sir:

    I feel compelled to write this letter to let you know how very pleased I an with your company.

    When we moved to Bend in April 2004, your company sold and installed my home theater system. Your staff wave very prompt, efficient and very knowledgeable. I have had several service calls and have been very pleased with your efficient service.

    On June 11, I called your store to report that my wireless headphone had quit working. Your employee said he would come by and take a look the next day. As usual, he was here on time, and in five minutes took care of the problem. When I asked if I could pay with my credit card, he said there was no charge. While his service call put no money in your bank account, he created a million dollars worth of good will.

    Great service should not go unnoticed. Best buy, Circuit City- no thanks. I will stick with good local companies. Thanks for your great service.

    Best Regards,
    Dick Bliesner


    To All Our Friends at Stereo Planet,

    This letter is long overdue and for that I apologize. Chuck and I wanted very much to tank you for the amazing Home Theater and sound system you designed and installed in our new home in Widgi Creek. It is absolutely outstanding and the envy of our family and guests who have the opportunity to experience and enjoy it.

    We can’t say enough for the professionalism, attitude, and talent of virtually each stereo planet associate we dealt with in every facet of our system planning, coordination, selection, installation, performance and on going support. It would be our pleasure to serve as a reference for you at anytime in the future. You were a poster child for a great business experience.

    Our best wishes go to each of you for a wonderful holiday. And thank you again for such a positive and memorable interaction.

    Warmest Regards,
    Chuck and Evi Miller


    Dear Steve,

    I’m, “putting in writing” my praise for your company’s service, quality product and excellent delivery and service on my recent order. Thank you!!

    As a sole operator of a bed and breakfast, I needed to find a provider of top notch product and, most importantly, an installation that was painless and rapid as possible so that my guests could enjoy the upgrade in room TV’s without a disruption to their stay.

    I had hesitated to call Stereo Planet because I had feared I couldn’t afford your level of expertise and quality. I was wrong and glad I called. Your price was fair and I definitely received the best value for the best product.

    Your service men have completed the installation with the utmost attention to detail and with patience in training me to use the widgets and gadgets.

    In my opinion, Stereo Planet deserves to be number one in this market of Bend audio-visual consumers. All the best to you and Stereo Planet.

    Thank you,
    Anne E. Goldner


    Dear Mr. Behar,

    Your company is most deserving of my praise and gratitude for recently completing two exceptional home entertainment systems in my home. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that your staff members performed flawlessly in all stages of the planning, sales, and installation process.

    The very first person I met when I walked into your store was Kaleb Plamondon, your system integrator. He was extremely helpful in providing me with the information I needed to make knowledgeable decisions based on my desires and budget. Kaleb possess a quality that is lacking in many employees, the ability to “listen” to the consumer.

    Regarding the audio equipment I Purchased, I am so happy with the Denon 3808 Ci A/V receiver. It is the heart of my system and it compliments the other audio and video components so well. The Paradigm bookshelf speakers (Studio 20) bring more than just music to my ears. In fact, they sound even better in my home than they did in your store. That’s thanks to Kaleb who suggested that we audition them outside of your enclosed sound room since I do not have the luxury of having a similar sound room in my home.

    Your installers, Joh and Nathan, played a very vital role in making my home entertainment system come to life. Not only did they pay attention to detail by completing a neat installation, but they worked as if my home was their home. The persisted until everything was right and performed well before they left the job site. You could not ask for a more conscientious installer than John. This is my third home entertainment system and the install was by far the very best because of the quality of work performed by John. I even phoned your store the other day and spoke with Dan who willingly took time to assist me with a little glitch in the system. Now that is what I call quality team work.

    Again, I wish to commend you and your staff for providing good products, reasonable prices, and a service unmatched in the stereo industry. I am proud to recommend your company to my friends knowing that they will be well taken care of by some of the best professionals in the business.

    Bob Halder  


    Dear Steve,

    Seven years ago when we build our home on Awbrey Butte, we hired Stereo Planet to do the custom wiring and installation of our home entertainment center, primarily due to recommendations from friends. We were tremendously pleased with the entire job accomplished by your company.

    Well, seven years have passed, technology has changed rapidly and we wanted to upgrade our home system to take advantage if the new high definition technology along with a much larger screen. Once again we turned to Stereo Planet, and once again we are thrilled with the new system. My wife totally loves the Pronto control unit that allows us to operate all the separate units of the system. Finally, only one device to control everything, picture quality that is nothing less than spectacular, and a sound system to match.

    Sean Leary and John worked diligently and professionally to accomplish a most difficult installation. Your foresight to mount the largest screen possible on a swing arm allowed us to put a 46” flat screen into a 40” cabinet. Just amazing. Sean, with the help from John, worked pretty much non-stop for two plus days. Their work was totally professional and their attention to detail and keeping the work area clean of plaster, wood, and other debris made us extremely happy. Sean’s patience in teaching us how to utilize the new system and to control all the features should qualify him for the Order of Merit. Thanks so much Sean!

    Steve, once again you, your employees and your company have gone beyond the norm to please a customer. Thanks so much for a job well done.

    Larry Haas


    To Whom It May Concern,

    My wife and I recently saw he completion of our new home. It turned out better than one could even hope for. Steve Berhar and Stereo Planet made a large contribution in making that happen.

    One of the Key aspects of the design of our home was our desire to have a home theater/ entertainment center setup. In addition, we wanted a security system that included a reliable multiple security camera setup (inside and outside) that could be viewed by us at a distant location.

    In the very earky stages of the project, our contractor introduced Steve Berhar at Stereo Planet. Right from the beginning we found Steve committed and diligent to deliver the system that was exactly right for us. Due to location and out design requirements, we also had a few very technical hurtles that needed to be confronted and resolved. Rest assured! Steve not only resolved the issues, but to our amazement, he far exceeded our greatest expectations.

    Steve was very conscious about costs, too. I believe that he shopped the best prices for a system that would be just right for us. During this process of our design and construction, several times her would find new improved technology and then substitute the improvements to enhance the system even more.

    During the installation from the wiring to the full setup, we found the crew consisting od very polite, very professional knowledgeable young men. Throughout the whole installation process, you felt Steve’s guiding hand in practice and initiated by his very skilled job site supervisor Mike Steinbach.

    I have been in business for 33 years and I know talent, dedication, professionalism, and ability. Steve and the people at Stereo Planet have what it takes. If you would like to talk to me any further, feel free to as Steve for our telephone number.

    In my humble opinion, I feel that Steve Berhar and Stereo Planet is exactly what you need.

    Keith W. Alves


    Dear Sir or Madam:

                   We are very delinquent in writing to you about an exceptional member of your staff – as we’ve been meaning to write you for almost 3 years! Steve Berhar installed a system in our home in the summer of 2000 – and while he was here we were impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, and efficiency.

                   Every night or day when we used the stereo throughout the house or on the deck, or watch a video or DVD we remark about what an amazing job Steve did, and how we’d recommend Stereo Planet to any/ all of our friends because of Steve (and how we need to write you and tell how terrific her was!) He’s a true asset to your company. As we believe that if we were willing to write a letter several years later – he really did make a positive impression on is.

                   We hope you realize what an ace you have in Steve. Please share our praise with him, as he really did an outstanding job.

    Jeff and Michelle Klein



    Thanks so much for giving me such a fabulous Blu-ray DVD at such a good price.

    You are so awesome!

    Thanks for helping Tom Chandler like me we tell everyone to go to “Stereo Planet”

    Take care and thank you.

    Virginia Ross