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A smart home system provides remote access to all of the most important features of your home via a single device. That’s one of the beauties of technology: it makes things simpler. If you use a series of apps, touchscreens, and remotes to manage your home automation, eliminate the extra work with a sleek integrated solution from Stereo Planet. 

Smart home systems in the home include many incredible features. But today we’re highlighting just three of our favorites: voice-controlled Josh AI, remote door lock management via Crestron Smart Home systems, and remote climate control via Nest. 

Speak Your Preferences With Josh A.I. Voice-Controlled Automation

Voice-activated technology is one of the most exciting innovations currently available to homeowners. A simple command phrase received via an in-home microphone can get your day going. Josh AI is one of the most customizable, privacy-conscious voice-activated technologies. This is because it doesn’t listen to anything you don’t want it to hear. It also integrates seamlessly with many of the brands our clients already use in their homes. This means brands like Lutron, IPort, Sonance, Crestron, LG, Sonos, and more. 

Keep Your Security On-Lock With Crestron Smart Home Systems

Keep an eye on your home’s lighting, door locks, gates, and garages with a remote-monitoring smart home system. Crestron provides the comfort of knowing things at home are exactly as you left them. A host of features—motion sensor detectors, live video feeds, and live video calling give you full control of your property’s entrances and exits. So lock the doors, turn the home alarm system on or off, and fiddle with the light settings in any area of your house with this incredible and reputable smart home system. 

Control The Climate In Your Home With A Smart Thermostat 

It is one of the worst feelings to come home from a vacation or business trip to realize that your home HVAC system is broken. Smart thermostats, including the popular Nest Smart Thermostat, are powered by WiFi. This smart thermostat will alert you if there is an issue with your heat pump, furnace, or AC from your smartphone or tablet. Pretty incredible. You can rest easy knowing you won’t come home to any surprises. 

Bring It All Together With Smart Home Systems By Stereo Planet

It’s a dream to manage your home’s automation technology from a single platform. If you haven’t experienced a seamless media solution for everything in your home, Stereo Planet is your go-to. We know how to bring together all of the tech you already know and love. Make life more convenient by booking an estimate to explore Stereo Planet’s automated home security and temperature solutions.

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