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Remember when smart homes used to seem like futuristic impossibilities or at least just made for the Jeff Bezos of the world? Today, custom smart home installations are becoming the norm for homes—and they’re more convenient, accessible, and affordable than ever. Here’s why we’re your go-to for these installations. 


Smart Home Installations, Automation, and Customizations 

Despite our name, we do much more than sell stereo systems and mount TVs. Stereo Planet has specialized in custom smart home installations, automation, and customizations for over four decades. Our tech experts can handle everything from simple installations like thermostats and automated shades to whole-home automation and tech design. 

No matter the scope, we love to work with customer requests and integrate seamless smart home solutions. 


Our Favorite Smart Home Options 

Through the years, we’ve worked on some pretty incredible projects. Each of our team members brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that guides the projects from idea to implementation. But when customers ask what our favorite custom smart home installations are, these three are typically our go-to answers. 


Multi-Room Distribution

We live in the age of streaming services and streamlined tech products. Multi-room video distribution lets you declutter your home without losing the ability to watch what you want. With it, you can share your movie library, stream videos, and have satellite channels in every room. And did we mention it’s fully customizable to your needs? 


Home Theater Design

We’re not going to lie, home theater design is definitely one of our favorite things to do. From custom sound systems to smart TVs with home integration (like app-controlled remotes), you can enjoy the best of movie-going from the comfort of home. 


Full-Home WiFi 

Smart homes are all about connection. With full-home home WiFi, you’ll get hyper-fast secure WiFi in every room of the house—and never have to worry about dropped connections. 


Get Started on Your Custom Smart Home Installations 

Something we say in-shop is if you can dream it, we can make it happen. When it comes to custom smart home installations, that’s a promise and commitment we bring to every project. So, what are you dreaming about?

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