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Audiophiles know one thing for sure: the quality of a Bowers and Wilkins speaker can deliver. With Bowers and Wilkins’ signature Diamond Dome tweeter, low distortion continuum technology, and Aerofoil cone bass drivers, the sound you’ll get is incredibly lifelike and resonant. Let’s dive right into the 801 D4 speakers’ merits for a truly unforgettable listening experience.

Bowers and Wilkins Speaker Sound Reproduction Is Like No Other 

It’s one thing to listen to your favorite album. It’s another thing to hear nuances and subtleties on your favorite tracks you’ve never heard before. That’s what the Bowers and Wilkins experience is all about. Engineered to provide unrivaled sound production, listen to anything with an exceptional level of sonic clarity and detail. The speakers’ Diamond Dome tweeter guarantees high-frequency sound performance. Biomimetic suspension reduces unwanted air pressure inside the speaker, leading to a truly impressive midrange transparency.

Design Elegance With Over 40 Years of Craftsmanship

The Bowers and Wilkins 801 D4 is an auditory marvel and a visual masterpiece. Its elegant design is the pinnacle of audio engineering in the company’s over 40-year existence. Matrix bracing benefits from interlocking panels to reinforce the loudspeaker cabinet walls in every direction. An all-aluminum turbine head secures the mid-range cone to eliminate unwanted resonances. Brushed aluminum finishes and magnetic grills add dimension and beauty to the speaker’s finishes. The standalone speakers come in gloss black (available in our showroom by appointment!), white, satin rosenut, and satin walnut finishes. 

Upgrade Your Sound Experience for Entertaining 

Investing in the Bowers and Wilkins is not only for audiophiles but for music enthusiasts, and film buffs! As the company says: “This is our benchmark, our icon, the most advanced range of loudspeakers we know how to make.” These speakers elevate your audio experience with their incredible precision and realism. The 801 D4 allows you to have an immersive experience in the content you enjoy while you entertain guests or relax into the soundscape of your home. 

Try the Newest Bowers and Wilkins Speaker At Stereo Planet 

Bowers and Wilkins’ reputation for high-end audio is the best in the industry. That’s why we’ve carried them since the beginning at Stereo Planet. The unparalleled sound reproduction, precise driver lineup, and exquisite design are all aspects we love about the 801 D4 speaker. Picture this setup in your home as investing in a world-class sound experience. 

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