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Imagine getting a full night’s sleep, taking a Zoom call comfortably, or recording a podcast in a room with quieter, more balanced acoustics. Sound-absorbing panels create more control over the changing audio environments of your home. Acoustic sound panels are made of absorbent materials like foam or fabric that trap distracting noises or diffuse volume. Remedy sound problems at home and explore the benefits of decorative sound absorbing wall panels. 

The Benefits of Decorative Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Bump up the sound quality of noise you intend to make (music recordings, podcast episodes) while drowning out the noise inside your home that keeps focus at bay (dogs barking, lawnmowers running, noisy neighbors). Here are some of our most requested reasons for installing sound-absorbing wall panels at home. 

Better Sound Quality For Creative Spaces

If a studio room for jamming with your band or recording your podcast is your dream, then decorative sound absorbing wall panels can help. Soundproofing is especially important in a room where you only have many chances to get the perfect take. If isolating the right sounds and dampening the wrong ones is a matter of production quality, consider getting a free on-site acoustics assessment for your recording studio. It’s worth getting it right first rather than finding out later that your recordings need too much editing. 

Enhanced Productivity and Sharper Focus For Your Office

Some of us take really important phone calls for our business from the comfort of home. And while the flexibility is convenient, this can clash with whatever else is happening in the house. A child practicing an instrument, a TV show on in the next room, or landscaping outside can all affect the quality of our focus while working from home. 

Decorative sound-absorbing wall panels, in addition to correcting sound inside your home office, can be placed in other areas of the house to insulate surrounding rooms from what is happening on the other side. So the next time you step into your home office for a Zoom call, have the peace of mind of knowing you won’t have to explain away whatever is happening in the background. 

Isolate Noise Disturbances For Better Sleep

Did you know that noise is actually considered a form of pollution? 

Now more than ever, when we step inside the four walls of our homes, we want it to be a place of rest. But often, environmental noises from the outside crowd out our peace of mind. This could be noise from a nearby busy road or an inconvenient neighbor who leaves their dog at home barking all day. We can’t always control which noises surround us. But we can do something about it!  

Decorative sound absorbing wall panels can soundproof a space like a bedroom to ensure you get the rest you need. Also, if you have someone in the home who works the night shift and sleeps during the day, blocking out daily life sounds is crucial to helping them sleep, even with children or pets at home. 

Get The Sound Solutions You Deserve With Stereo Planet

Sound solutions are multifaceted, like us! There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any home, and this is because the design and acoustics of each room in your home are different. A sound expert can help to diagnose the kind and number of treatments the space needs. Then, you pick the aesthetic! 

Vicoustic custom sound panels have unlimited sizes, materials, and colors to choose from. Customize the panels to match the room, whether a funky modern recording studio or a classic executive office for your company zoom calls. 

Explore the modern design solutions Stereo Planet has for creating better acoustics in your home. Reduce the acoustic impact of drywall, tile, concrete, or glass with decorative sound absorbing wall panels. 

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