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Imagine unlocking your front door for a friend while you’re not at home with the swipe of a button on your iPhone. Picture automated window treatments that lower themselves at dusk when you work late. Think about a home security system that monitors your home’s air quality for smoke or toxins when you’re not there. Automated lighting, sound, and shade solutions are crucial to keeping your home cozy and connected. 

Let’s explore how smart home automation can serve your household’s connectivity needs, whether for individual audio-visual projects or whole-home smart systems

What Does Smart Home Automation Mean?

Smart-anything is a buzzword these days. So what does it mean? Smart home automation solutions with Stereo Planet include three types of technology:

  • Climate control (think automated window shades, thermostats, and scheduled lighting adjustments).
  • Visual solutions (smart TVs, projectors and screens, video for every room).
  • Home networking (security systems, home WiFi, voice-controlled tech). 

Smart home automation means putting all of these types of technology into a room together and getting them to talk through WiFi. Depending on the goals you have for your home, this can include aspects like lighting, thermostats, and beautifully minimalistic in-wall touch panels.

Lighting Control Any Way You Like It

We all know that mid-afternoon moment when the sun shoots a blinding ray of light through your windows, refracting off surfaces or mirrors that make it impossible to see. Upgrading your window treatments with automatic window blinds can significantly impact how comfortable you feel in your most important space. Best of all, with smart home automation, you can schedule the times your automatic window blinds open and close so you won’t have to think about it! 

Smart Home Thermostats

There’s nothing that brings peace of mind quite like a smart thermostat. For many homeowners, temperature control is a big priority, especially in our high desert climate, which experiences extreme highs and lows throughout the year. Smart thermostats solve this issue by allowing you to control the temperature in your home with the ease of your smartphone. And not just that, sensors and algorithms can keep track of the temp inside so that you’re not needlessly heating or cooling when you’re not home. 

Remote Monitoring of Home Locks & Security

Imagine locking or unlocking your home with a button on your phone. Never again have that moment when you’re on your way to the airport, worried that you left the back door unlocked. Smart home security systems allow you to breathe a massive sigh of relief. Get what you need in a whole-home security system when you are home alone or away on a trip. 

There are also a host of smart home sensors that surpass video surveillance or traditional home alarm systems. For example, the smart home automation system, Nest Protect, can alert you to a smoke event in your home or even a carbon monoxide leak while you’re away.

Smart Home Automation For A Safer, More Connected Home

Ready to experience all of the incredible features of smart home automation?  Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your top needs for lighting, home security, energy efficiency, and more. At Stereo Planet, it’s our privilege to use technology to create a space you love and feel safe in.

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