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What did you do last weekend? We’re just guessing, but odds are good you spent a bit of time doing one of the following:

  • Watching reruns of your favorite sitcom or an action-packed adventure movie with explosions galore
  • Blasting the newest album by your favorite band on max volume
  • Hitting up your buddies to play your favorite video game
  • Watching your favorite YouTuber’s most recent upload
  • Listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast

No matter how you spend your down time, the quality of your home’s audio and video design can make or break your digital media experience.

Why Custom Audio and Video Design Matters

Here are a few reasons why you might want to opt for custom audio and video design.

Media consumption is on the rise

We spend a whopping 6 hours a day consuming digital media, not to mention the 18 hours a week we spend listening to music.

That’s a lot of our time. Now imagine spending the same amount of time with people. You wouldn’t want it to be just anyone, right? The same should go for your audio and video equipment.  

Customization makes your house a home

We optimize almost every aspect of our lives, from our workflows to our fitness routines. Yet we often miss out on creating a truly unique experience when we stick to the generic TV with a built-in speaker. 

With even more time spent in our homes, why not create an immersive, theater-like experience you can enjoy whenever you’d like? 

It makes a noticeable difference

Or, should we say, the wrong equipment is way too noticeable. Clunky equipment like a giant TV taking up a ton of space can really kill the overall feel of your living space.

Ideally, the audio and video equipment in your house fits the theme and feel of a room, blending into the surroundings so you can have an immersive experience. At Stereo Planet, we help our clients create their dream entertainment spaces and leverage the best technology without sacrificing style.  

Meet with the Audio and Video Design Experts at Stereo Planet 

Working with audio and video design experts ensures you can achieve the highest quality at-home media experience, customized to fit your budget and overall goals. 

Our team here in Bend, Oregon has years of experience working alongside designers and architects to fit homes with top-notch equipment. With multi-room distribution and smart technology, you’ll be ready for every movie night, game night, or new album drop. 

The media you love was designed to be mesmerizing, so get the most out of your video and audio experience with the help of Stereo Planet. 

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