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If you’re here, you’re probably an audiophile, movie lover, or all-around entertainment guru. Welcome to your tribe. Our team at Stereo Planet is passionate about designing, installing, and enjoying audio and video tech. And, in our experience, three crucial components separate a  professional audio video system from the rest. 



Let’s start with the most important component of a professional audio video system: reliability. We’re talking no static, skips, or setbacks in your viewing and listening experience. Offering reliable products to our clients is something that we take seriously. It’s why we’ve spent years building relationships with brands we trust, from McIntosh to Sony

Typically, our clients upgrade these products because they’ve had the product for so long that the current technology has surpassed it––not that it’s stopped functioning. For that same reason, we only install quality products that we know will last for years. 


Video and sound quality 

If you’re taking the time to invest in a new or upgraded audio video system, chances are that you want it to look and sound the best and become a focal point in your home. For some, this means subtle in ceiling speakers or creative motorized ceiling mounts that surprise and delight. For others, this means a bold floor-to-ceiling audio video system made to be the star of the room. 

The point is, we don’t stop at providing reliable products. We make sure we integrate the best of the best in aesthetically pleasing ways that complement your style and goals. 


Ease of use

Lastly, a system is only as good as the user experience. In other words, a professional sound and audio shouldn’t leave you with more questions than answers. Smart home tech can make controlling your new system as easy as opening an app. And whole-home automation (and audio/video distribution) gives you endless possibilities (even in your shower!). Above all, the devices we use are easy to integrate, operate, install, and maintain. 


Invest in your audio video system 

A home audio video system is an investment in your home and your own love of video and audio. A professional system should be reliable, high quality, and easy to use. If this sounds like something you want for your home, our team is ready to help you ideate, design, and implement. 

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