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    Imagine being able to control your lighting from your remote control.  Now imagine being able to control your entire home; lighting, heating, irrigation, etc. while at your desk at work; 1,500 miles away.  Stereo Planet offers automation services ranging from controlling one single light bulb, to incorporating every electronic device in your home.  With the use of Crestron products, color touchpanels make controlling your home incredibly easy. 

    Not sure if you turned off the lights before you left? Did you arm the security system? You can find out for sure on your way to the airport using your iPhone, Blackberry, or other SmartPhone. And if you did forget, no problem. your system can be accessed from afar. Perhaps you want to turn on a few lights while you're away, to provide the illusion of an occupied home, deterring would be thieves from even trying. This can be programmed into an automatic process every time you leave for a vacation or business trip with the press of a single button.
    With the dominance of the Apple iPhone, Crestron has announced control capabilities from your phone. You can control your lighting, security system, HVAC, and audio from the palm of your hand. Utilizing the already easy-to-use interface of theiPhone, Crestron has built custom applications to ensure absolute simplicity in operation.

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