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What’s one thing that can make movie night in the comfort of your home better? A rockin’ home entertainment center to enjoy it from. Imagine a setup complete with theater-level surround sound, creative lifts, and in-the-action imagery, plus the freedom to pour yourself a drink of choice while you watch. This is home entertainment, upgraded. And we’re your audio-video headquarters to make it happen. 


What your home entertainment center needs

It’s one thing to have a nice TV in your living room. But an entirely different thing to plan and build a home entertainment center the whole family can enjoy. Just in the last ten years, we’ve seen advancements in home entertainment tech and interest. And with more people staying home than ever (and needing to stay entertained), now’s the time to consider a new system. But you can’t have the entertainment center of your dreams without the right products. 


Furniture options 

Gone are the days where a standard TV console could get the job done. These days, whether you have a mounted or standing TV, the display options can be just as important as the tech itself. Companies like Salamander Designs and BDI are crafting beautiful, functional pieces that enhance the home entertainment experience. Pieces like projection cabinets to customizable, low profile pieces help support the tech you choose. 


Creative lifts and mounts

Another way to (literally) bring your home entertainment to the next level is with a creative lift or mount. With options like in-vanity TVs, TV niches, and motorized ceiling mounts, you can have a system that suits your needs. We’ve even had in-shower installation projects if you need whole-home entertainment.  


Projectors and smart TVs 

We have experience installing HDR projectors for everything from a kid’s room to a 220-inch home theater screen. If a smart TV is more your style, we have the newest models with the best displays to make your experience sublime. 


Surround sound 

What’s a home theater without surround sound? We stay up-to-date with the latest sound equipment, so you never miss a moment of audio action. From smart audio solutions to classic two-channel, we know our stuff. 


Don’t sacrifice design for functionality

Something to remember as you embark on your home entertainment center design: never sacrifice design for functionality. We work with you and your specific goals to create in-ceiling and in-wall installations that are beautiful and functional. These intentional designs, such as creatively installed subwoofers, are made for optimal viewing and listening––without wires or clunky devices to get in the way.  


Trust the audio-video pros at Stereo Planet

You’d think after 40 years as the audio-video pros in Central Oregon that we’ve seen it all. But we’re constantly surprised and excited by our customer’s projects and how we can apply the latest products. It’s time you invested in your home entertainment center. 

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