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With cooler temperatures on the way, you might be preparing your living room or den for the ultimate zombie apocalypse movie-watching marathon just in time for Halloween! If your TV’s speakers sound shallow or tinny, it might be time to upgrade with some smart audio solutions. If in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are on your to-do list, we can help you get a home rewiring project on the books before it’s time for your favorite holiday movies. 

Home Rewiring Requires Experienced Technicians. Ask an Expert and Put Your Mind At Ease! 

First of all, the right wiring in your family room or home theater can boost the quality of sound and performance of your AV systems. The foundational work of rewiring starts in the crawl space, under the floorboards, or behind the walls. Trust us to make the proper adjustments to give your living room, den, or in-home movie room an impressive sound and visual experience. 

Updating your home’s wiring is also important from a safety standpoint. For example, if you are experiencing electrical shorts, frequent circuit breaker trips, or have outdated panels, it’s time to call in an expert! 

Simplify Your Choices With a Free Estimate

We get it. There are many choices to make when considering a home rewiring project. Whether you’re considering a single room upgrade for your TV room or a whole-home audio project, you can count on Stereo Planet to recommend the right solution. First, we will look at your space, assess for optimal sound and visual solutions based on your existing room, and recommend what works best for your space. 

Rewiring is an art form that balances advanced electrical knowledge with creative solutions. Our goal is to do everything safely and by the book while providing you with a sleek solution that is free of exposed cords and messy setups. You won’t need five different remotes to run your AV setup, and you can expect it to blend right into the aesthetic of your home.

Our Home Rewiring Specialties

At Stereo Planet, we are equipped to tackle any home audio-visual or retrofitting request. Stereo Planet has Central Oregon’s most experienced team of audio-video installers. We have decades of experience in smart home design, AV installation, and home entertainment technology. Not much will surprise us with any job because we’ve done it all! 

From in-floor, in-ceiling, or in-wall speakers to custom sound panel design and installation, our installers are capable, efficient, and creative with their home AV solutions. We do subwoofer installation, two-channel stereo systems, surround sound, multi-room audio, and coordinate Bluetooth and wireless solutions.

Consider a Whole-Home Audio Solution

The process of a home rewiring project can be extensive. It may include cutting into drywall, running wires through existing walls, and drilling into studs and joists. While considering rewiring a single room like a den or living room, it may be worthwhile to consider what the rest of your home audio sounds like. Coordinating your whole home’s AV upgrade is often more cost-effective and less hassle than a room-by-room approach. But we can do either! If you’re not ready to upgrade the AV in your whole home, no problem. Creating a killer AV retrofit for your family room is our specialty.

Don’t Know What You Need For a Home Rewiring Project? Let Stereo Planet Help! 

Above all, the right sound system can make or break your home theater or media room experience. If you’re looking to host movie marathons this winter or want a better surround sound experience to watch the game, our sound experts can handle it. Get a cinema-quality experience from the comfort of your couch. Let the audio-video experts at Stereo Planet design and implement your AV retrofit, complete with home rewiring and anything else necessary to make it perfect for you!

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