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Even the most avid television and movie lovers think they’re limited regarding the screens they use for entertainment. We love how our customers light up when our home theater experts tell them all the installation possibilities for their screens. Let’s explore all the customizable options we can provide for passionate cinephiles!

Our Home Theater Experts Provide Tasteful Television Transformations

TV has come a long way since it was first introduced to consumers in 1939. We remember the kind with a knob on it that you had to turn to change the channel manually. And when that didn’t work, you just smacked the side of it until it did! 

Today’s iterations are obviously much more sophisticated. For example, our tech experts can sync your smart TV to your home automation system. You can control it from a single device with your smart home app, or voice commands to lower the lights, curtain, and more!

Of course, we can install traditional wall mounts for your TV, But where we really excel is in installing accessories of the slicker variety. Using Future Automation products, we can conceal your television in the floor, cabinet, or ceiling and reveal it with motorized lifts and hinges. 

Suppose it’s discretion and aesthetics you’re after. In that case, we can hide your television behind single or split-moving panels that appear to be tasteful art (of your choosing). This is a great way to maintain the integrity of your interior decor while integrating an impressive bond-like impact when you have your friends over for movie night!

Screens That Steal the Show

Call it AV nostalgia, but we love a projector/screen scenario, even if the products we use from Da-Lite have surpassed the AV clubs of yore! There’s not a lot you can’t do with a projector screen. One of our favorite integrations is to mount a screen onto your ceiling for a unique viewing experience.

Maybe you’d prefer an option that the whole family can enjoy. In that case, electric recessed screens disappear into what appears to be ceiling trim but is actually the screen’s housing structure. Or you can opt for a fixed screen that can wrap around surfaces or simply be mounted on your wall.

And if you want to watch summer flicks out on the lawn, we can provide portable pop-up screens and upgrade them with in-ground sound stereos or creative surround sound solutions to amplify your cinematic experience.

Dream big when it comes to your home’s audio visuals because there’s not much we haven’t seen and can’t do!

Stereo Planet’s Home Theater Experts Make Upgrading Your Screens Easy

Don’t let the technical aspects of improving your screen sessions hold you back from a stunning cinematic experience. Our home theater experts have the skills and knowledge to make your ideal screen setup a reality. Visit our website to learn what other video services are available, and contact us to schedule a free consultation!

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