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Remember the good ol’ days when going to the theater meant smuggling in candy and energy drinks, trying to open both quietly during a loud preview? While that experience is nostalgic, we’ve got to say that the perks of a home theater take the whole thing up a notch. If you want to get started on your project before summer movie nights, we’ve put together our home theater must haves. 

Get Ready For Summer With These Home Theater Must Haves 

It takes a little planning, some high-quality equipment, and a little imagination to create a home theater. But no matter which room you choose for your venture, once you include a few home theater must haves, the magic will happen on its own. 

We’ve broken down our list from video picks, audio selections, and automation must haves. The rest of the details—reclining leather seats, fully stocked bar, popcorn machine—are up to you. 

Immersive Video That Feels Like You’re There 

The first item on your list should be sorting out the video for your home theater. To truly bring that nostalgic movie experience home, you need the crispness that 4K resolution gives. We recommend that clients invest in a larger screen when creating a home theater, although the size is up to you. We’ve installed everything from simple projectors and screens in kids’ rooms to 220-foot home theater screens. 

Another great option is a smart TV with a creative lift or mount that can transform any room into your home theater at the touch of a button. No matter how big or complicated the installation, the ultimate goal is to include a high-def system that makes you feel like you’re part of the action.   

Surround Yourself With Unbeatable Audio  

With “Stereo” in our name, you know we love a good audio setup. And when it comes to home theater must haves, this is right up there with high-quality video. The key to getting the movie theater experience is surround sound. You want to see the action and then hear it from all angles. 

We support this goal in several ways from creative subwoofer installation to in-floor, in-ceiling, or in-wall speakers. Of course, the type of installation you choose depends on your room capabilities, budget, and overall theater goals, but our team works with you to come up with the best audio solutions. And with trusted brands like Bluesound, Bowers & Wilkins, and Pro-Ject, the possibilities are endless. 

Lights, Automation, Action! 

The last elements on the home theater must haves list include automation—in the form of smart tools, lights, and blinds. The home theater experience is amplified when the mood is right, which is what lighting directly contributes to. In this case, we recommend that our clients invest in automated shades and lighting systems to make the setting just right. 

Best of all, these smart tools can be fully voice-controlled or accessed from an app so you don’t even have to pause your movie to turn off the lights. All it takes is the right system and you can transform any room to complete the movie-going experience.  

Trust the Stereo Planet Experts For Your Home Theater Must Haves 

Bringing the theater home is easier than you think. All you need is a dedicated space, some quality equipment, and expert recommendations from our team at Stereo Planet. The rest of the magic, and nostalgia-making, is up to you. Ready to get started for those summer movie nights? Get in touch

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