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Best Home Theater Speakers, Custom Installations – Bend, Oregon

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I just recently saw the completion of our new home. It turned out better than one could ever hope for. Steve Berhar and Stereo Planet made a large contribution in making that happen. 

One of the key aspects of the design of our home was our desire to have a home theater/entertainment center setup. In addition, we wanted a security system that included a reliable multiple security camera setup (inside and outside) that could be viewed by us at a distant location.

In the very early stages of the project, our contractor introduced us to Steve Berhar at Stereo Planet. Right from the beginning we found Steve committed and diligent to deliver the system that was exactly right for us. Due to location and our design requirements, we also had a few very technical hurdles that needed to be confronted and resolved. 

Rest assured! Steve not only resolved the issues, but to our amazement, he far exceeded our greatest expectations. 

Steve was very conscious about costs, too. I believe that he shopped the best prices for a system that would be just right for us. During this process of our design and construction, several times he would find new improved technology and then substitute the improvements to enhance the systems even more. 

During this installation from the wiring to the full setup, we found the crew consisting of very polite, very professional knowledgeable young men. Throughout the whole installation process, you felt Steve’s guiding hand in practice and initiated by his very skilled job site supervisor Mike Steinbach.

I have been in business for 33 years and I know talent, dedication, professionalism, and ability. Steve and the people at Stereo Planet have what it takes. If you would like to talk to me any further, feel free to ask Steve for our telephone number. 

In my humble opinion, I feel that Steve Berhar and Stereo Planet is exactly what you need.


 —Keith W. Alves

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