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Great home audio is as much a science as an art. With so many powerful speaker setups to choose from, it’s easy to get something that delivers excellent sound. But without the right sound correction, an expensive speaker might make reverbs and echoes worse. Installing acoustic wall panels in your home can help you get the most from your sound system if you’re noticing sound quality issues.

How Does a Noise Problem Sound? 

Sound waves from a speaker can bounce off objects in the room, creating a source of reverb or echoes. Are you having trouble hearing dialogue or noticing special effects hitting your ear with too much intensity? A scramble of feedback that doesn’t sound right could be caused by reverb or echoes. Sound-absorbing acoustic wall panels might be the solution you need. Corners of the room can especially be a problem area where sound waves can get jammed up. Moving your furniture around the room, especially if a chair or sofa is backed against a wall, may help you explore solutions to the problem. If the space is still giving you too much feedback, sound fixing or acoustic wall panels may help correct this. 

How Do Acoustic Wall Panels Solve My Problem?

Panels can break up and redirect sound from hard surfaces with the ultimate goal of a clearer, more crisp audio experience. Surfaces like drywall, tile, concrete, glass, and metal act as reflective surfaces to sound, impacting your audio experience. Softer materials, like our Vicoustic sound panels, help to absorb or diffuse these sound waves and send them in the right direction. Not to mention, they look great! Stereo Planet can create custom designs for your acoustic wall panels, so your new sound fix is a work of art.

What To Try When You’re Experiencing Too Much Reverb or Echoing

Reverb is a form of noise in your home caused by sound waves bouncing off surfaces. If you notice this happening while watching T.V., room acoustics might be the cause. And while most of us won’t be remodeling our homes for better sound quality, acoustic wall panels can help cure some of the excess noise caused by hard surfaces and open spaces in a home. Vaulted ceilings, while beautiful, can also make the sound bounce off the ceiling at odd angles. Don’t rule out ceiling treatments as another way to diffuse and balance out the sound quality in your main living areas. 

What To Try When Your Think Your Room Is Absorbing Too Much Sound 

The opposite problem to too much reverb can be a room absorbing too much sound. This can happen with too many soft surfaces in a room where sound waves are diffused. Instead of sound-fixing problems, you should remove things from the room that are acting as a sponge to trap sound, i.e., area rugs, soft furniture, or large bookcases. If you need help with a sound problem, consult our audio experts for an on-site acoustic assessment

Enhance Your Audio Experience At Home With Acoustic Wall Panels By Stereo Planet

If there’s any time when audio quality matters most, it’s when you’re setting up your home entertainment system. So before investing in expensive digital equipment for your space, get an on-site acoustic assessment. By eliminating the chances of reverb or echoing in a room or clearing up noise, sound-absorbing acoustic wall panels will help enhance the experience in your home movie theater. 

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