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Most of us curate our home environments in small ways every day. We turn down the thermostat a few clicks before bed, turn the porch lights on at a certain time of evening, or want the blinds up as soon as we’re awake. Maybe you’ve even tried home automation systems to manage these preferences, but the experience felt clunky or didn’t include every aspect of your home. Where other systems can be clunky, the Control4 system is a gamechanger.

Finally, get the visibility you desire to make room-by-room adjustments or create whole-home settings. Learn more about how Control4 makes an experience that is finally better than making constant manual adjustments to your thermostat, lights, or streaming audio-video experiences.  

Finally, an Intuitive Control4 System To House Every Setting

If temperature zone control is the most important to you, or making adjustments for streaming to get the kid’s favorite show on while making dinner, the Control4 system makes this possible from a single app or touchscreen installed in your home.

A simple preset menu is available to save audio-video selections for easy recall. Select a display to pop on Netflix in one room while you enjoy classical music or finish your podcast in the kitchen. See if the front door is locked through the app and set the lights to “goodnight” mode in the house so you can sleep soundly. And best of all, Control4 integrates with various third-party systems, like Google Home, Nest, Alexa, and so much more. 

Kiss Your Universal Remote Goodbye 

Do you really need another remote? Yeah, we didn’t think so. The good news is you don’t need a universal remote to operate your Control4 system. The Smart Home Operating System lets you access everything from a single home touchscreen or the Control4 app. 

No more hassle of switching back and forth between systems to make simple adjustments. With the app, you can adjust everything in your home,from lights, music, and streaming services to HVAC systems and door locks.. 

Expert Home Automation Technology Installation Is As Important As What System You Buy

Home automation systems can feel frustrating if they don’t work or leave out the most important features. That’s why we prefer the robust functionality of Control4 systems. No more stringing home technologies together to make basic adjustments when one solution works. But how the system is installed is very important. 

If you want to get the most from your Control4 system, don’t go the DIY route. Our service technicians know how to scale and setup your Control4 system. We will listen to your needs and customize the settings as soon as the front door unlocks or pre-program the house’s streaming audio and video to certain rooms for that after-school TV show your kids love to watch. Our team at Stereo Planet has expertise installing home automation systems for decades.

Experience the Leading Provider of Home Automation Technology With a Control4 System

Our team at Stereo Planet specializes in seamlessly integrating in-wall touch panels into your home’s design. Get a full-home automation system that doesn’t disrupt the balance of your home aesthetic or require you to navigate several remote controls, apps, or touchscreens. Explore the powerful flexibility of a Control4 system to simplify your daily life by connecting with us for an estimate on smart home installation.

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