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After a long day of work or a fun outing, there’s nothing better than coming home to a space that’s ready for you. The shades are drawn, the temperature is perfect, the pets are fed, and the lights in the hallway are on so you can see where you’re going. This fantasy can become a daily reality with an innovative smart home system. Our home technology experts can help you manage your home efficiently with the help of automation technology.  

The Benefits of an Innovative Smart Home System 

Smart home systems offer many tangible benefits to your home and your wallet. And with every new device you add, you can enjoy more ease, protection, and control in your life.

Energy Efficient 

Automating lights and thermostats can prevent energy waste when no one is home. Likewise, automated blinds can help keep your home cooler throughout the day, further cutting down your energy bill in the summer. You can even automate sprinkler systems to be more energy (and water) efficient. 

Safety and Security 

Smart home systems can also keep your home more secure. Remote-controlled locks and smart security systems can help you keep an eye on things and control access to your home while you’re away. That means you don’t have to stress about packages or letting in the petsitter last-minute. 

Ease and Comfort

Finally, these intelligent systems can help you turn your house into a home by customizing the interior. Lighting, speakers, TVs, robot vacuums, and even the fireplace can be easily controlled from your smart device to help set the mood for your evening. You have the power to either “set it and forget it” or experiment with seemingly endless customization options. 

Design Your Dream Space with The Home Technology Experts

At Stereo Planet, we’ve spent years helping Central Oregon residents install custom smart home systems. Our experts can help connect all the different devices and controls through one central hub. That means you spend less time toggling between various apps and more time enjoying your beautiful space. We also specialize in in-wall systems, so your smart technology will blend in perfectly with your home decor. 

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