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Ask anyone with automated house window shades, and they’ll tell you they’re a game changer. Besides convenience, automated window treatments can provide privacy, energy efficiency, and design impact. That’s why Stereo Planet offers fully customized automated shades and blinds that you can control remotely through your smart home system.

Automated Window Blinds For Remote Control

A major perk of having a smart home with automated window blinds is that you can control them from anywhere. Do your indoor plants need direct sunlight for an hour while you’re at the office or on vacation? Open your home control app and operate the shades in specific rooms! Need to block out harsh midday rays while you’re watching a movie? No need to budge from the couch! Want your custom black-out shades to recede at a specific time so you can wake up naturally? Automation allows you to schedule that. These conveniences will enable you to live your life while also remaining the master of your domain.

House Window Shades Are Major Energy Savers

If you have a room with south-facing windows, you know that the light exposure from that direction is harsh. Without quality window treatments, those spaces can get hot and uncomfortable. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that proper window coverings can reduce heat gain and loss by 77%. 

That’s why we offer automated window shades by Crestron. Their comprehensive selections include materials with various levels of transparency for solar protection so you can be cool in summer and warm in winter, all while watching your energy bill go down.

Stylish Choices For Automated House Window Shades

Automated house window shades are a no-brainer in terms of function and convenience, but they can also elevate your home’s aesthetic. If you love a minimalist look, sleek roller shades with concealed pockets might be appealing. If your interior design is more traditional, roman shades and a soft drapery system could complement your existing decor. Another classic throwback is horizontal sheers or blackout accessories to give you some solitude.

Let Us Help You Upgrade Your Windows!

There’s no doubt automated window shades and blinds are a smart upgrade for your home. We can help you design a window system and handle the installation. Check out Stereo Planet’s home automation solutions and call us for a free quote!

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