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Would having more personal space improve your life?The statistics point to yes: Nordic countries have the largest percentage of one-person households, and they’ve continuously ranked in the top ten happiest countries. If a correlation exists, it may account for the growing popularity of mancaves, a space dedicated to solo time and hobbies. With Stereo Planet you can create the perfect ambiance for your favorite activities with mancave lights that set the scene for cocktail hour, gaming, movies, and wellness.

Mancave Lights For A Masculine Bar 

Think about your favorite bars, saloons, and pubs. What do they all have in common? Great lighting! Achieve the same mood with linear light bars. The long, slim structure can be installed under cabinets, counters, shelves, or anywhere you need a discrete light source that precisely illuminate a specific area.

For this purpose, we favor Lutron + Ketra light bars for your bar area. These fixtures can be fully customized and automated. Their high-def palette and dynamic spectrum allow you to choose the color, vibrancy, saturation, and brilliance emitted. Sync them to your smart home system, so all it takes is your voice or the click of a button to activate them. Whether you’re sipping spirits stag or entertaining friends, the atmosphere will be just right.

Mancave Lights For Media Solutions

There’s nothing worse than a glare on a screen when you’re trying to game or watch a sporting event. The best way to avoid this nuisance is by eliminating common culprits of glare, like sunlight. Reduce rays by opting for window treatments with high solar protection. We install Crestron and Lutron shades as both have blackout fabric and style selections that work with smart home automation systems.

You also want to select fixtures that mitigate darkness with diffused, indirect light. Sconces are a pragmatic choice as they provide that stylish movie theatre glow. Recessed ceiling lights work in most rooms and are also appropriate for home theaters. Add some sound panels and hidden speakers for an extra immersive experience!

Intuitive Lighting For Your Self-Care Journey

Habits pave the path to wellness. Having a place where you can go to exercise or meditate is a major step on that path, so it makes sense to establish an environment that supports these endeavors. For example, select mancave lights that trigger a positive physiological response.

Natural or bright light stimulates energy and focus, making it ideal for working out. We recommend Ketra’s natural light solutions bulbs for fitness fanatics. They’re designed to mimic organic sunlight and can be adjusted to provide more illumination. 

You may want your mancave to be a sanctuary for mental health. Blue light has been proven to promote relaxation, which is key for any meditation practice. Adjust the color to your desired shade and bask in the glow as your stress melts away.

Max Out Your Mancave With Stereo Planet’s Custom Lighting Solutions

It’s easy to see why the right mancave lights are key to creating the perfect aura for your favorite activities, whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or unwinding with a novel. Call us to schedule a free consultation with a Stereo Planet expert. Our experience in custom design and installation will make creating your new haven a breeze.


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