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Reimagining Home

A lot has changed since we first opened our doors in 1980. Has your in-home technology kept up with the trends? Whether you’re looking to integrate smart home upgrades into your daily routine, elevate your living space with expert AV design, or rewire your whole-home AV system, Stereo Planet is here to help.

Our team of home technology specialists make it easy to have personalized audio-video systems and smart home technology in your home. From the initial on-site consultationt through the final inspection, we treat your home like it’s our own. With our “leave no trace” approach, even the most complex retrofits and upgrades blend seamlessly with your home’s design. 


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Whole-Home AV Retrofits

Get a seamless entertainment experience as you move from room to room with a whole-home AV overhaul. Because these systems are centralized, you get all of the convenience without the clutter of multiple audio-video setups. Whether you go with a simple and low-cost method or a sophisticated audio-video closet, you can count on a simplified user experience.

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Smart Home Upgrades

Want to experience modern tech solutions without disrupting your home’s craftsman charm? Stereo Planet’s team provides in-home consultations to assess the best options for smart home upgrades, installation, and automation. Whether you want to tap into the convenience of our privacy-based voice control system or the simplicity of HVAC and lighting automation, we’ve got you covered.

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Rewiring + Renovations

Upgrading your home’s wiring goes hands-in-hand with smart home upgrades and effective AV retrofits. The right wiring provides superior performance nine times out of ten. Boost the quality and performance of your A/V systems by upgrading your wiring.  Through the crawl space, under the floorboards, or behind the walls, we’ll make it look like your home’s been wired for quality sound and video since the beginning.

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Your Designer-Friendly Experts

The team at Stereo Planet understands that we’re not just integrating tech into your homes–we’re integrating it into your lives. That’s why we’re committed to high-quality AV components that complement your architectural and design plans. Our crews leave no trace—when we’re done, you won’t have damaged sheetrock or unsightly holes in the wall.

Our Retrofit Capabilities

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Whole-home AV setups
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