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Older homes are great for their unique character and history. But not so great for their smart capabilities. But don’t worry. With a smart home renovation, you can teach your home new tricks that modernize and update it for years to come. 


Reasons for a smart home renovation 

While convenience is one obvious perk of a smart technology upgrade, there are plenty of other reasons to seek out a renovation. The top reasons for a smart home renovation include: 


Saving energy: Smart home systems and appliances reduce energy usage in your home and are more accessible than ever. Smart thermostats, for example, can reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent. 

Improving safety: Smart home devices mix convenience with peace of mind. You can check if you turned off the lights, locked the door, or monitor your security cameras from anywhere. 

Upping resale value: Another big reason for upgrading your older home? Incredible selling points. According to Consumer Reports, home automation and smart tech can increase a home’s value by five percent. 


Smart home renovation ideas

Whatever your motivation for upgrading your home’s systems, the integrations you can add are endless. At Stereo Planet, we help you reimagine home entertainment and home capabilities with our retrofits, design, and top-rated products. Some of our favorite home renovation ideas include: 


Josh AI

Think of Josh AI as the brother to Alexa. This system “orchestrates the technology in all aspects of your home” and seamlessly integrates with smart systems. Unlike Alexa, Josh’s only job is controlling your smart home, not selling your data. We recommend this system for anyone wanting to modernize their home and streamline their smart appliances. 


Invisible Speakers

When doing a home renovation, think about how you want your system to look and function. Invisible speakers are made to be heard, not seen. They are often in-wall or in-ceiling installations that enhance whole-home music systems, theaters, or media rooms. For our renovations, we recommend James Loudspeaker, the industry leader in both indoor and outdoor speakers. 


Retrofits with Stereo Planet

Since we opened in 1980, in-home tech has changed. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be left behind if you have an older home. We specialize in retrofits that can make your smart home renovation easier and your life more convenient. From whole-home AV retrofits to modern tech solutions like lighting automation, we’ve got you covered. 


Ready to teach your home new tricks? 

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for new ways to make your life easier and your home smarter. Luckily, we have the products and expertise to take an older home into the digital, connected age with a smart home renovation. Get started today! 

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