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When it comes to home security systems, automation is your best friend. With it, you never have to worry if you forget to lock the front door, turn off the lights, or turn down the heat while away. Explore the many benefits of security systems in Bend, Oregon, from the Stereo Planet experts.

Trusted Home Security Systems in Bend, Oregon Just Got Better 

At Stereo Planet, we take your home security seriously, and we’re selective about the vendors we choose to keep you and your loved ones safe. That said, we’re excited to have added the leading smart home systems manufacturer, Control4, to our roster. 

Control4 has cutting-edge home security capabilities that you can manage through a single app. The interface is simple and efficient without sacrificing effectiveness, making it perfect for even the least tech-savvy user.  

Innovative Solutions Equal Better Protection 

Control4 has all the features you’d expect from a smart home security system. You can easily (and remotely) use the app to control your lights, locks, windows, gates, and garage doors. 

Any modern security tech worth its salt has sensors that monitor your home’s environment. Typically burst water pipes, fires, and gas leaks trigger the system to call the fire department or police. But Control4 also enacts preventative measures, like opening the windows when there’s a carbon monoxide leak. 

If you’ve ever used lighting and television timers to deter intruders, you know that setup isn’t easy and, spoiler alert, the super-predictable settings aren’t fooling anyone. To eliminate this issue, Control4 created a “Mockupancy” feature that tracks your family’s activity over time and uses that data to mimic occupancy when you’re away. Plus, it varies the simulation of occupant behavior enough to make it look organic.

Additional Home Security Options for Bend, Oregon 

For commercial and residential property security systems in Bend, Oregon, we offer solutions like Crestron and URC. Both provide comprehensive security measures. Consult with one of our home installation experts to decide which will work best for your needs.

For Innovative Home Security Systems In Bend, Oregon, Stereo Planet’s Got You Covered

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