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Picture this: being able to control your home’s lighting, sound, heating, and cooling with a tap of a button on your phone. A smart home allows you to live this reality, giving you more control over your home’s systems and more time to focus on what matters. At Stereo Planet, home automation is achievable. 

What is a smart home? 

Android Authority defines smart homes as “residence[s] equipped with a number of devices that automate tasks normally handled by humans.” On a smaller scale, think of what makes your smartphone so convenient. The fact that it can be a camera, internet-capable device, entertainer, and a planner. It simplifies your life. Smart homes similarly simplify home systems that you already have in place.  

Many smart homes allow you to remotely control your lighting, thermostat, locks, security, and sound systems, among other things. These automated homes tap into the Internet of Things (IoT) and are, therefore, “interconnected and identifiable through digital networks.” And just as these elements of your home connect to the Internet (and are accessible through your devices), they also connect to each other. The automation of smart home systems makes them convenient, technologically advanced, and can simplify your life in meaningful ways. 

How smart home systems simplify your life

Everyone wishes life could be just a little easier, right? When it comes to your home, there are some incredible benefits to going smart and automated.

Save energy and money

Perhaps the biggest draw to smart home systems is their efficiency and economy. With smart thermostats, for example, you can “quickly and precisely automate the heating and cooling of a home.” Similarly, you can control connected lights and appliances by powering them down when you’re not using them. This precision can save you money on bills in the long run.

Give you control

Not only can a smart home take over some of your regular chores (think automated Roomba vacuum cleanings), they give you more control over your home in general. With home automation, you have digital awareness of what’s happening in your space––whether you are a few miles away at work or halfway across the world on vacation.

Protect and enhance your home

As we mentioned, smart homes connect with IoT. “From Wi-Fi-equipped smoke detectors to plugs with auto turn-off,” smart homes allow you to monitor your home and respond quickly to things like security breaches, fire, or even water leaks. And with the added benefit of setting up an alert on your phone, you can potentially stop issues before there is considerable damage. Not to mention that home automation can enhance your home’s overall value, both right now and when you sell. 

Home automation at Stereo Planet

Despite our name, we don’t just focus on stereo systems at Stereo Planet. We are a home technology company that’s committed to making your life as seamless as possible. Our automation services range from controlling a single light bulb, to networking every electronic device in your home. With our smart home systems, you can be on your way to a simplified life.

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