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Imagine unlocking your front door with a face or fingerprint scan. Once inside, your curtains roll up automatically, classical music plays from the kitchen, and the lights dim perfectly. Just how you like it. Welcome to 2021 and the future of smart home tech. And while we admit many of these things will take a while to be fully public-facing, they are the start of exciting tech trends. Read on to find what we’re looking forward to and how we can help you upgrade your home. 


5G will change entertainment as we know it 

You’ve probably seen the Verizon commercials flaunting their biggest flex of the decade: 5G. This connectivity advancement means big things for smart homes, automation, and beyond. The cloud-based connections threaten the need for traditional fiber-based ones. With 5G, you can access the internet anywhere, at greater speeds, and with much more accuracy. 

And while 5G is just getting started, there are a few things you can do to upgrade your internet in the meantime. Namely, with a mesh WiFi network that boosts whole-home connectivity for better entertaining (and working and schooling––it is 2021, after all). 


Smarter rooms and tools 

Technology is getting hyper-focused. It’s not only about the smart home anymore, but the smart room. Home zoning, as it’s called, simplifies smart home set up and installation and makes things like “zone-based thermostats and smart lighting much more streamlined and affordable.” 

The future of home zoning will include such things as smart kitchens that track shelf life. Or smart-home tools that are decor friendly and seamless. If you want to get started on the trend, our team can hook you up with in-wall touch panels, automated shades, and voice control tech. 


More from CES 2021

Later this month, our team attends the all-digital version of CES 2021 to learn even more about the latest trends (look out for our post about it!). So far, we know to expect Sony’s new noise-canceling headphones, Yamaha’s new receiver lineup, and bigger and better OLED TVs. 

And while we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to go out and buy the shiniest new things, we suggest calling our team first. We can help you find the right integrations and upgrades to bring your home into the future.


Keep up with Stereo Planet 

At Stereo Planet, we’re passionate about what we do. We’re also self-professed tech geeks, which means that you can rely on us to be up to date with the latest smart home tech trends, products, and advancements. And 2021 is looking more exciting than ever. Get in touch today to see how we can upgrade your home!

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