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While home automation is nothing new—the first system dates back to the 1960s—the latest advances go well beyond temperature and lighting control. These days, just about every home is “smart” in some respects. Every morning, across the country, millions of people wake up and have their smart system turn on the lights, read the weather report, and tell them what’s on the calendar. The latest advances in smart home technology make life easier, more secure, and more efficient. And at Stereo Planet, we’ve handpicked the most exciting devices and surprising installations to keep our customers ahead of the tech curve. 


What counts as smart home technology? 


Smart home technology, also known as home automation, refers to devices outfitted with communication technology. That means they’ve got some degree of either automation or remote control. It can refer to everything from automated shades to entertainment systems and home appliances.  


Smart home technology can make you healthier


What if we told you smart home technology could help you sleep better, be happier, and eat healthier? According to a recent article by Brit + Co, those are just a few of the health and wellness benefits of home tech. For example, smart lights can learn your bedtime routine and automatically provide the appropriate lighting: warm light to promote sleepiness at night and blue light to help focus in the morning. 


It makes your home more energy efficient


Picture it: as you arrive home, your door unlocks. The entry lights flick on. Smart climate control adjusts your home’s temperature to your preferred comfort level. With the right smart tech hub, this could be your daily reality.  


Not only do these systems take the guesswork out of comfort. They’re also more energy-efficient. Smart thermostats learn your patterns over time, so they’ll turn themselves off and on according to your schedule. All of this adds up to a more comfortable home and huge savings on energy bills each month.


It powers advanced surveillance


Smart home security refers to everything from door locks and alarm systems to cameras and door sensors. The key to smart security is the ability to customize, monitor, and manage your system anytime from your mobile device. Plus, smart doorknobs and locks can keep you safer by requiring a fingerprint or designated pin to unlock. 


Integrated smart home technology


At Stereo Planet, we pride ourselves on providing integrated, seamless smart home technology solutions that make our clients’ lives easier. We’ve got you covered from simple installations like thermostats and shades to whole-home integration and hub setup. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help keep your home at the forefront of smart tech solutions


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