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Smart home tech in 2022 is starting to look a lot like The Jetsons. These days, we have everything from AI  that anticipates our needs to interactive mirrors that guide workouts and analyze our skin routines. You can even get your own “Rosey the Robot” with lawn mowing and home assistance robots. Trend forecasting is a passion at Stereo Planet because, despite our name, we do much more than designing and installing audio systems. As home tech nerds, we love to geek out on the newest innovations. However, not all trends are created equal. So we’ve decided to sift through the latest home automation trends to identify which ones are worth your time and money. 

Full-Home Wi-Fi Sets Up Home Automation For Success. 

You may have heard of mesh Wi-Fi or full home Wi-Fi. But what is it, and why does your smart home need it? This type of Wi-Fi has a main router that connects to your home router and nodes. These nodes amplify the signal to home devices. This ensures there are no dropped calls or dead zones, an essential failsafe in an increasingly work-from-home world. 

Not only does this service provide a lightning-fast, secure internet connection, but it’s also critical in enabling your smart home’s automation system. Stereo Planet not only specializes in whole-home (or even whole-property) Wi-Fi networks, but we also make sure any bulky wires and tech are hidden from sight. As every designer’s favorite contractor, we can guarantee that your smart home upgrades won’t negatively impact the look and feel of your home’s design.

AI Integration 

Artificial Intelligence increases the ease of home automation because AI learns your preferences over time. As a result, your needs are increasingly anticipated and you only have to interact with a single platform to control your home’s technology. However, not all AI is created equal. Some big tech companies use AI to gather private user information and sell it to marketers and third-party advertisements.  

That’s why we use the award-winning Josh AI. Not only does it have all the benefits of AI and voice-controlled automation, but it’s completely private and secure. For example, Josh AI only listens when you use a “wake-word”  to activate the microphone. You can also mute Josh to disable the microphone, ensuring that it only hears what you want it to. Plus, clients can personalize how much data the system has access to.  

Smart Products For Climate Change 

Climate change is no longer an abstract boogeyman, it’s a reality. Smart energy is becoming important to homeowners as they reckon with catastrophic weather events, soaring temperatures, and inadequate infrastructure.  

Consumers can also expect greater options for smart windows that reduce light penetration, and smart sensors that work together to notify your lighting, temperature, security, and water systems to turn on or off according to motion, touch, and time of day. Additionally, there are sensors that notify owners when a leak or freeze happens and even automatically shut off water to mitigate damage. Smart home products can reduce your energy bill, and carbon footprint, while increasing your home’s efficiency.  

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