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Picture this: you’ve invited some good friends over, the lights are warm, and you’re listening to your favorite music around the backyard or patio. Long, warm summer days and nights offer the best atmosphere for hosting an outdoor dinner party. We’ll show you a few ways that you can make this dream a reality and elevate your outdoor entertainment through music and lighting.

Music to set the mood

There’s no better way to celebrate summer days than having a dinner party with loved one’s al fresco. You’ve already scoured Pinterest and created your theme along with table settings and meal preparation. But what you really need is the right music to set the mood.

We specialize in elaborate outdoor entertainment systems and can design a sound system specific to your space. Whether you’re looking to install landscape speakers or simply use portable battery-powered speakers—we’ve got you covered. Let’s get creative to set the mood for your next dinner party.

Inspired lighting to elevate your senses

Proper lighting plays a key role in the “wow factor” of dining. Studies have shown that dimmed lighting can make food appear more appetizing by matching the lighting with the food’s temperature. While most of us aren’t going to meet exact standards of light to food doneness science, there is something special about dimming your lights at dinner time for intimacy.

What if your home created the same effect as a candlelit dinner with the touch of a button? Automated lights can do just that. Our team understands how much light affects us and what we can do to control home lighting best. Automated lights work off a set of preferences to customize every space of your home. With our keen eye for detail, you can have an intelligent home system that adjusts the lighting to your unique preferences. 

Start envisioning your future outdoor entertainment 

The craft of playing music and lighting an outdoor patio or table is part theater and part magic, with your home as chief operator. Customizing your lighting preferences can help to create the perfect setting for a dinner party. Get in touch with us today to bring a little magic to your outdoor entertainment this summer. 

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