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It’s almost time for one of the most-watched events of the year: the Super Bowl. While most of us will celebrate with our household or COVID-bubble, the game is the perfect excuse to go all-out with a home entertainment system. If you want to cheer on your team from a big screen, we have the information on Super Bowl TV sales that you need. 


Score on Super Bowl TV sales

At Stereo Planet, we’ve made it our goal to provide the highest quality audio-visual products in the market today. We work directly with all of the top vendors so our customers always get the best price. Because of this inside scoop, we know that the time to buy a TV will be the week leading up to the Super Bowl because their prices will be at rock bottom. So plan ahead now! 

With sales prices ranging anywhere from $200 to $400 off, you’re sure to find something that suits your budget and lifestyle. One such option is the Sony 75Z8H with a sleek, crisp screen and X-Motion clarity. If you want a device with lifelike contrast and full smart-home integration, then the Sony X900H class is your best bet. And if you’re looking for a truly immersive (and low profile) device, we suggest choosing from the Sony OLED series.

Overall, 4K resolution is now the gold standard in television resolution, which means you’re getting clearer viewing from most Smart TV brands. In the top brands we work with, their processors and scalability set them apart from the competition.  Most of our top recommendations also come with added features like a variety of apps and voice assistants. 


Time to upgrade your home entertainment

With home systems and in life, go big or go home. If you’re investing in a new TV for your Super Bowl viewing and beyond, you might need to update your other equipment as well. To make the most of your home entertainment system, call us for in-home consultation so we can recommend upgrades and help you find the best set up for your home and goals.  

In the meantime, some things to consider: 


Multi-room distribution 

We bring up multi-room distribution a lot because it’s an incredible way to liven up your at-home entertainment game. From the centralized system, you can have the game on in your living room and your kitchen (or bathroom, we don’t judge!) so you don’t have to miss even a second of play. It’s also a great way to host a distanced Super Bowl party––or make sure opposing fans don’t get into major arguments.  


Creative lifts and mounts

What’s better than a new TV to watch the game? A TV that’s tricked out with a lift or mount for optimal viewing. Whether you’re looking for in-vanity TVs, a motorized ceiling mount, or a custom option, our team can help you create the ultimate viewing experience. 


Stereo Planet has all your viewing needs

Plan ahead now to take advantage of the Super Bowl TV sales. Better yet, pair your new TV with an upgraded home entertainment system so you can view your favorite games or shows from the comfort of your home.

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