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Despite how much it’s grown, Bend still has that small-town feel when it comes to connections. If you’re a home designer or builder in the area, chances are we’ve worked together in some capacity. But did you know that our home automation experts love to work on new builds from the ground up? Let us explain! 


Home Automation Experts for Over 40 Years 

We’ve seen a lot of changes in our industry over the last four decades. We watched televisions get flatter, said goodbye to cassette tapes, and saw incredible advancements in home automation. Since we opened our doors in 1980, our home automation experts have been on a mission to source the top products and latest tech for Central Oregonians. 

In that time, we’ve discovered that working with designers and architects on new builds is one of the most seamless ways we can fully automate a home. And with our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of home tech solutions, we think we’re a valuable part of the new build team. 


Ground Up Automation Integrations 

When starting home tech integrations from the ground up, the possibilities are truly endless. Where an existing home can be limited in terms of wiring and automation, a new build is essentially a blank canvas. When we can get together with designers and builders early on, we can form a team working in the owner’s best interests. Not to mention that it cuts down on expensive re-wiring and renovations down the line. 

Some of our favorite ground-up automation integrations include in-wall wiring, complete smart home systems, automated shades, and custom-designed home cinemas. 


How Stereo Planet Works with Designers and Builders

We often get the question about when is the best time to contact Stereo Planet when working on a new build. We say as soon as you’ve got blueprints in hand! From this point, we can start early coordination with builders and make sure our home tech designs align with the home designer’s overall vision. During this stage, we can also focus on aesthetics without sacrificing design for functionality. In general, starting early saves time, money, and headaches for everyone involved. 


Get in Touch with Our Home Automation Experts Today! 

We have so much respect for our designer and builder friends around town. It takes a lot of work to bring complex ideas to life. If you’re working on a new build with an owner who wants automation and smart home tech, our home automation experts are here to make the process even smoother! Let’s chat. 

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