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Sound technology has been in a constant state of evolution over the last few decades. Has your home sound system kept up? Whether you’ve got worn out hardware, outdated capabilities, or you’re just ready for a more immersive sound experience, the team at Stereo Planet can help you upgrade your sound system. 

Signs it’s time to upgrade

We get it. Saying goodbye to a sound system can be like saying goodbye to an old friend. But there are some telltale signs it’s time to upgrade your home sound system. 

Your hardware is wearing out

This might sound obvious, but it bears saying. If you’ve got blown speakers, frayed wires, or wobbly connection ports, it’s time to repair or upgrade. Not only do you run a higher risk of electrical shorts, but broken and worn out components will affect your system’s performance. 

Another thing to consider is whether or not your hardware has kept up with streaming requirements. These days, all streaming devices are HDMI. If you’re still running equipment with component video, it might be time to upgrade to support HDMI video and audio. 

You’ve moved into a new space

It’s a fact that often gets overlooked, but sound quality depends on your space. While your old system might have been perfect for a cozy den or lounge, it might sound weak or tinny in an open concept Great Room. Or maybe you’re looking for multi-room or whole-home distribution to make the most of your new space. Either way, with a new space comes new home sound system considerations. 

Your sound system doesn’t fit your needs

Is your home theater system set up for 7.1 surround sound? Do you have wireless capabilities? Are there enough input connections for all of your devices? If you answered no to any of these questions, it might be time to upgrade.

You want bigger, better sound

Who says you need a practical reason to upgrade? Sometimes, you just want bigger, better sound. And with 8K TVs right around the corner, you’ll want a home theater sound system that can keep up. 

How Stereo Planet can help upgrade your sound system

So, it’s time to upgrade. What comes next? There are a few ways the team at Stereo Planet can help you get the most out of your home entertainment.

On-site consultations

Like we said before, sound depends on space. And at Stereo Planet, we’re proud to have a team with a keen eye for design. We can help assess your space’s sound quality and make personalized recommendations. From additional speakers to custom sound panels, or even in-floor and in-wall amps and subwoofers, we can make a custom recommendation to help you get the most out of both your space and your components. 

Custom designs and solutions

No two households are the same. So we firmly believe that no two sound systems should be either. Of course, we can make recommendations based on your space. But we’ll also consider your lifestyle and entertainment needs. Whether you need a versatile sound system for a multi-purpose entertainment room or want to upgrade to multi-room audio, we can help. 

40 years of expert recommendations

We’re celebrating our 40th year in business, which means 40 years of creating home tech and sound system solutions. Ready to get more out of your home sound system? We can help. Get in touch

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