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Working from home was perhaps the only perk of the pandemic. No more traffic, stifling work clothes, or flickering fluorescent lights to cramp your style. If your company has decided to make in-office work a thing of the past, then it’s time to fully commit to the best smart home setup for your home office. Switching to whole-home wifi, better audio equipment, and automated lighting will make your WFH space a haven for productivity. 

The Best Smart Home Setup For Superior Wi-Fi

Nothing is more frustrating than a Zoom presentation or conference call dropping unexpectedly. Thankfully, whole-home Wi-Fi is the best smart home setup solution for this common annoyance. Stereo Planet’s highly experienced team are experts at installing advanced mesh Wi-Fi networks that amplify the internet through strategically placed nodes. Those nodes make it possible for every corner of your home to have lightning-fast connectivity that never lags or drops. We’ve come a long way from the days of dial-up!

Quality Audio For The Best Smart Home Setup

If your home office has wood, tile, or cement floors, audio could be an issue due to echo. We can install stylish or custom sound panels that absorb noise so you can hear and be heard. 

We can also outfit your office with speakers that provide crystal-clear sound. Some customers like standing speakers, while others prefer discreetly hidden in-ground or in-wall speakers. 

The best smart home setups have an audio experience customized for the space and your specific needs, so consider what acoustical atmosphere will help you be the most efficient throughout your work day. 

Lighting Is Everything 

There’s a pervasive theory that bright, overlit spaces are necessary for workspaces. While it’s true that whiter lights are more energizing, they can also be harsh and cause eyestrain. With our automated lighting options, your best smart home setup can include adjustments so that you look like your best self for zoom meetings and can shift back to a softer yellow light (or whatever your preference is) for the rest of your day. Eventually, your smart home system will learn what lighting you want based on the time of day and room occupancy!

Contact Stereo Planet For Help With Your Home Office Project

You’ll be amazed at our customizable options for your WFH project. Let us help you navigate the lighting, Wi-Fi, and audio upgrades that will give you the best smart home setup for your work and lifestyle needs. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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