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Considering how 2020 has gone so far, this holiday season is sure to look a little different than most. With certain states enforcing two week quarantine periods, travel isn’t an option for many families. As a result, 47% of families say they’re canceling holiday gatherings. And almost half are shifting from in-person celebrations to virtual. Heading into the holiday season with an upgraded WiFi network can make sure you’re able to stay connected, whether family and friends are near or far. 

Signs You Need an Upgraded WiFi Network

Of course, home WiFi networks have already been putting in overtime across the country. Between online schooling, Zoom conferences, and virtual Happy Hours, global internet traffic rose 40% earlier this year. And there are some tell-tale signs this extra work has overloaded your network, including:

  • You’re experiencing more dropped connections. 
  • You’re dealing with slow load times and internet lag. 
  • You’ve got dead zones or areas of the house with a weak WiFi signal. (Pro tip: a mesh WiFi network could help!) 
  • It’s been more than five years since your last upgrade.

If you wait until you run into problems like these to upgrade your WiFi, you’re not alone. But there are also some proactive steps you can take to spiff up your connection, so you don’t miss a minute of the holiday fun.  

Simple WiFi Tune-Up Tips

Check your connected devices

Because most households have an average of eleven devices (including seven with screens to view content), you’ve got no bandwidth for WiFi leeches. We recommend taking some time every month to see who’s on your network. Disconnect any devices you don’t recognize. If there seem to be extra devices on your network routinely, consider setting up or changing your password.

Update your router

Whether you bought your own router or lease one through your internet provider, you’ll want to update it at least once every three to four years. According to a recent write-up by the New York Times, “New routers often include smarter antennas that do a better job of assembling signals and beaming energy toward devices that are moving around.”

Set up a WiFi booster or extender

Whether you call them boosters, repeaters, or extenders, they fill basically the same function: to amplify your existing WiFi signal. They can be a cost-effective and easy solution if your current WiFi network just needs a little extra oomph. 

Have questions about upgrading your WiFi network?

Whether you want to get online Christmas shopping done faster or host a virtual Thanksgiving dinner, an upgraded WiFi network can help keep you connected through the holidays. Here at Stereo Planet, we specialize in whole-home networking and connectivity solutions. We’ll work with you, your space, and your budget to find the best options. Get in touch to learn more


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