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Most of us enjoy some form of music or sound experience while relaxing at home. Whether you love waking up to a particular playlist, listening to a podcast while dressing, or enjoying audiobooks while you cook dinner, a more connected sound experience is possible as you move about your day. 

Experience the amazing power of whole-home audio systems that follow you from room to room. Here are our top tips for getting a system that is easy to manage from your phone (or a touchscreen), channels all your favorite music streaming services, and doesn’t create extra clutter that disrupts your home’s aesthetic.

Stay App-Connected With Whole Home Audio Systems That Are Dead Simple

Most of us can’t live without our phones, right? That’s because staying connected is an important value in our modern lives. But it can be frustrating if your Bluetooth connection keeps getting disrupted on your speaker or you don’t have the sound reach to hear an important detail of your mystery audiobook when you leave the room. 

Whether you prefer to manage apps on your phone, a smart remote, or a touchscreen, Stereo Planet has the technology solutions to unify and amplify your listening experience. Get greater control over your listening experience with a simple app to unify your sound settings or use voice commands to switch songs, play something else, or turn it off. 

Tap Into Your Favorite Streaming Devices On More Powerful, Updated Sound Equipment

Think of the number of streaming services many of us use in an average day: Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Peloton, and ESPN, to name a few. 

While streaming brings as much information or entertainment as we want into our homes, we won’t always know how to use it best. With a simple Wifi connection, you can sync up your existing streaming services to any new systems we install, unifying control and handing you back an experience you will enjoy using. 

Sound quality can also be a major reason to upgrade. Many of our clients are using stereo systems that are 10 or 15 years old. Like a few other things, technology makes drastic leaps over time. If your stereo system has a few decades on it, you might look into what new equipment better suits your needs. 

Whole-Home Audio Systems Should Suit Your Design Sensibilities

The look and feel of our homes are important, and we believe that a whole home audio system shouldn’t interfere with that. But an extensive audio system upgrade could require rewiring your home for multi-room connectivity. Luckily, the Stereo Planet team is your interior designer’s favorite contractor for a reason. We’ll take extra care to ensure your installation is seamless and doesn’t detract from your home’s aesthetic with tangled cords and wires. 

Get Stereo Planet Involved For An Estimate

If you have a combination of speakers or stereos that is frustrating to navigate or want the freedom to split audio room by room to meet your family’s entertainment needs, then call Stereo Planet for an in-home custom audio estimate. Technology, when done right, shouldn’t freak you out! Instead, see how you might try things differently for a smoother, more connected whole-home audio experience. 

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