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Have you ever listened to a song and been transported back to the moment you first heard it? Maybe it was your high school prom, a road trip with friends, or the day your child took their first steps. Memories and audio are as intricately connected as notes on a music sheet. If you couldn’t tell, we’re audiophiles at Stereo Planet. Translation: audio nerds who want to provide the best whole-home audio systems to our customers to make those lasting memories. Here’s how we do it! 


When We Say Whole-Home Audio Systems, We Mean Whole Home 

Whether you’re looking for surround sound, multi-room, or outdoor capabilities, our team does it all. As might be obvious from our name, we got our start in stereos, audio systems, and audio components. And while we do so much more now, audio is still one of our favorite parts of the job. One of our other favorites? Creating custom designs and whole-home audio systems for our clients indoors and outside. By getting creative with the whole home, we can work with customer specifications and goals to create truly one-of-a-kind audio solutions. 


Unique and Aesthetic Installations

Just like choosing a favorite song, audio goals vary widely from person to person. Some customers want bold, in-your-face audio systems that showcase their love for music. Others want sleek, seamlessly integrated solutions that blend in with their aesthetics. For the latter, we always tell clients there’s no need to sacrifice looks for quality when it comes to in-home technology. We handle discrete in-wall or in-ceiling installations or find functional and beautifully-designed AV systems.

Case studies like our 23rd Condo and Where Modern Meets Rustic showcase how whole-home audio systems can seamlessly blend into whatever aesthetics our customers have. In comparison, the Modern Studio project brings audio systems to the forefront with high-end stereo systems and custom sound panels. 


Outdoor Audio 

Like we said–whole home. Which includes your backyard! Our work in outdoor audio ranges from landscape speakers to elaborate outdoor entertainment centers. Our goal is to bring indoor comfort to outdoor entertainment with all of our outdoor audio projects. For some, that means permanent garden surround sound that makes Central Oregon summers that much sweeter. For others, they want flexibility with their audio so that means portable battery-powered speakers.  

When starting the outdoor entertainment design process, we always provide free on-site consultations. This is so we can visualize the space and understand your goals. Past work like our Waterfront Oasis project shows how hidden and aesthetically pleasing outdoor audio can be (especially when a speaker looks like a rock!). 


Custom Specifications 

The biggest reason our whole-home audio systems are one-of-a-kind is that we work with customer specifications to turn their dreams into reality. If you want to rock out to music in the shower, we can do that. If you want to turn audio on and off in each room with the tap of a button, we’ve got the systems for that. And if you want to bring their older home into the 21st century, we can do that too. In fact, retrofit projects are one of the most satisfying to undertake because we work with the limitations of an older home and upgrade, rewire, and reimagine sound capabilities to modernize and refresh. 

Another favorite, and one that’s always made to custom specifications, are home theater projects. If you don’t believe us, the Elegant Theater Experience case study speaks volumes about how whole-home audio projects like home theaters can be as grand as you want them to be. 


Whole-Home Audio Systems For Your Lifestyle 

Indoors or out, the Stereo Planet team has your whole-home audio systems covered. After over four decades in the business, we still get excited about custom projects, unique installations, and innovative ways to integrate audio in customers’ homes. Let’s get started with your dream audio setup! 

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