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There’s nothing more exciting than designing and building your dream home. Except, maybe, for designing and installing the technology to power your life in that home. Which is why the team at Stereo Planet loves getting your call as soon as you’ve got blueprints in hand. By working with you and your architect to design your whole home AV system from the ground up, we’re able to pre-plan and install a beautiful, functional, and fully integrated system. 

Benefits of a whole home AV system

Imagine pausing a T.V. show in the living room and picking it up, from the same spot, in the comfort of your bedroom. Or hosting a party where the music plays seamlessly throughout the house, whether guests are in the kitchen, living room, or on the back patio. Or designing “entertainment zones” throughout the home. You can have cartoons in the playroom, Food Network in the kitchen, and the morning weather report in the bedroom while you get ready for work.

Sure, you can still install whole home AV after the construction dust has settled. But there are some definite perks to your architect and home entertainment design team working together.

#1: Make it seamless for YOUR life

You wouldn’t settle for less than perfect when designing your home. Why settle when it comes to your home entertainment? When we work with your architect, we’re able to consider your personal needs. The result is home entertainment tech that seamlessly and thoughtfully supports your routine, from screen and speaker placement to the location of your control panels. 

#2: Focus on how your system looks

When your AV system isn’t an afterthought, it can elevate your overall design. Think mounted displays with in-wall wiring for a sleek, modern look. Or speakers that have been hand-picked to match your aesthetic and your space’s sound needs. For example, in this modern rustic home, we worked with the builders to design a high-quality, seamless AV experience that included the homeowners’ design themes.

#3: Get it done right, the first time

Why install the drywall and pick your perfect paint color, just to put holes in it for your AV system? When we get in at the architect level, we’re able to strategically install wiring at crucial points throughout the construction process. Plus, we’re there for quality control to ensure everything is connected and functioning correctly—before you hang the artwork.

Plus, Stereo Planet’s expertise goes beyond audio-visual design and installation. We’re your local home technology and automation experts. Why not have us wire up your motorized shades and automated lighting so you can control sound, video, and atmosphere through convenient, in-wall remote systems? Whether you prefer whole-home automation or just whole-home entertainment, we’re here to provide custom solutions. 

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