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Do you love entertaining, music, and podcasts but hate lugging devices all over your house so you can listen to them in different rooms? A wireless stereo system may be the upgrade you want. As expert sound system designers with 40+ years of experience installing both wired and wireless in-home audio, we know how the right setup can create an out-of-this-world experience. And we’ve got a few handy tips and tricks to put a wireless stereo system to work in your home.

Wireless Stereo Systems & Sound Quality 

People often assume wired speakers have better sound quality and range than wireless speakers. While this used to be the case, wireless speaker tech has advanced quickly, and wireless speaker companies are producing more powerful drivers that include a subwoofer. Because of these advancements, some wireless stereo systems are able to produce a frequency and range comparable to wired speakers.

Better WiFi Supports Wireless Stereo Systems

Some wireless speakers can cut in and out due to a weak WiFi system. A great solution is replacing your traditional router with Mesh WiFi, eliminating dead zones and inadequate connectivity. Mesh WiFi is great in general, but it’s especially beneficial for wireless stereo systems installed throughout your home. Connect with our home networking experts to ensure your sound system will provide a smooth and reliable audio experience.

Wireless Stereo Systems & Room Acoustics

One of the things our expert installers consider when designing a whole-home wireless stereo system is the acoustics of individual rooms. The impact of sound on small spaces constructed of nonporous material like metal, glass, or concrete will be much different than the impact on larger carpeted areas. If your sound doesn’t have ideal acoustics, we might recommend taking steps to sound correct, such as installing sound panels that absorb or diffuse sound to neutralize reverb or echoes. 

Optimal Speaker Placement 

Every home has a different aesthetic and rooms that serve different needs, so wireless stereo systems are an excellent solution for whole-home audio! And with wireless, you have more minimal-effort options for speaker placement than you do with wired systems. For example, if you have a home theater and want your movie’s audio delivered discreetly without sacrificing sound quality, then in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are a great option. 

If you wish to have barbeques and pool parties in the backyard, in-ground speakers are just the ticket for delivering atmospheric acoustics. Music lovers who want to fill an ample space with their favorite playlist and feel the bass may opt for good old-fashioned floor-standing speakers that pack a punch.  

Contact Stereo Planet To Create Your Wireless Stereo System 

The only thing better than upgrading your home’s sound system is having someone else custom design and install it. Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation with our sound design experts so that they can assess your acoustics and personalize the design and installation of your new wireless system!

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